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"We Are Against Corruption!"

Corruption Prevention for Youth, 2016


Problem description:

One of the key factors in the formation of civic viewpoint of a young man is to nurture his moral qualities that are laid in the early stages of personality’s development, such as integrity, honesty, justice and reliability. Tasks of the pedagogical community formulated by the government of the Republic of Tatarstan include anti-corruption education of children, junior youth and youth as the most important condition of formation of a new culture characterized by the primacy of the highest values and freedom from immoral practices of the consumerist society. Education of children, junior youth and youth in the spirit of condemning corruption is one of the most pressing of today's problems, because corrupt behavior infects the human mind, reflects in his behavior and enshrines in culture, becoming one of the defining factors of his civic standpoint. Numerous examples of immoral egocentric behavior, including aggression, violence and brutality being broadcasted today via the media, including TV and movies, and through computer games, have a negative impact on the young generation, vulnerable souls of children and junior youth. The debasement of family values, the substitution of moral principles by the law of jungle, setting the focus on achieving pleasure and promotion of licentious entertainment require adequate educational actions. Young people need to learn to make proper and long-lasting choices of actions and general behavior. To help them make more meaningful and balanced choices, we need to provide young generation with objective information, knowledge, and illustrative examples of the devastating consequences of corrupt behaviour and, on the contrary, inspiring results of the constructive positive resolution of difficult situations.


Goals and objectives of the project:

Project aims to help the youth of Tatarstan to build strong civic standpoint and mindset, especially against corruption, through acquaintance with the notion of corruption, its essence, causes and consequences, including punishments for corruption; education in the spirit of zero tolerance for corruption; a demonstration of the possibilities and methods of combating corruption and strengthening ethical principles of youth and the development of strong civic mindset against corruption.


Objectives-solving methods:

It is known that interactive discussion with involvement of media is among the most innovative and effective methods in modern education. Every lesson should have an element of the discussion or its analogs. The use of critical thinking and case-technologies helps to enhance reflexive mechanisms in the formation of positive behavior of children, junior youth and youth. A method of positive modeling of complex situations in the form of social theatre is an effective means of solving tasks of education of children, junior youth and youth. Social theatre is a favorable space for acquisition of cognitive experience and for developing positive behavior patterns. The program we are offering is a series of interactive multimedia lessons. Each lesson includes demonstration of the video that illustrates one of the main objectives of the program followed by a discussion aimed at finding a positive constructive solution of the difficult situation connected with corruption.



Expected results:


Performance Indicator



A DVD with 10 videos and the Manual

100 DVDs



32 people


Workshops for teachers and social workers

10 workshops


Trained teachers and social workers

100 people


Information and articles in mass-media

3 publications


Rationale of the project:

Viewing corruption as one of the most serious dangers to economic and political development of Tatarstan, as well as realizing that it is a threat to national security, necessitates creation of the system of anti-corruption education as a separate component of the educational system. Education and nurturing the formation of students ' anti-corruption viewpoint are the parts of anti-corruption public policies aimed at eliminating or minimizing the causes and conditions originating and nourishing corruption in various spheres of life. The project, proposed by the ACME, will bring a fresh, innovative approach to addressing issues of anti-corruption education of children, junior youth and youth of Tatarstan.

Implementation of the project in educational institutions of Tatarstan includes holding 10 workshops for training 100 teachers and social workers to become the facilitators of the program. Each of these facilitators will hold at least 5 sessions for 20 students each, which, ultimately, will help at least 2,000 youth in the Republic of Tatarstan to become informed about the methods of combating corruption and will contribute to developing their strong civic standpoint.

Project also includes training the participation in scriptwriting, as well as creating 10 videos of anti-corruption contents by 32 volunteers – students of secondary schools of Kazan, which will undoubtedly have substantial impact on the participants of the process. Work on the films and further discussion on the content of the videos, a joint search for positive solutions of the probable situations connected with corruption, based on high ethical principles, will allow youth participating in the project to acquire and strengthen their social skills needed to adapt to adulthood and combat negative influences of the old world.