Association for Creative Moral Education


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2017: Diploma of the "Lukoil" Company for innovative art-media project aimed at social adaptation of children with speech disorders in the Republic of Tatarstan, nomination of "Spirituality and Culture".

2009: International Non-Profit Foundation "Paravitta" Award for Innovative Projects on Social Development and Moral Education of Youth, Kazan, Russian Federation.


2008: Association for Conflict Resolution (ACR) International Development Committee 2008 Outstanding Leadership Award, presented by former Indiana Congressman Lee Hamilton in Austin, USA.

2003: Letter of Gratitude was handed to Kazan Non-Profit Foundation "Azamat" for a series of ZIPoPo moral education lessons in the Kazan Youth Penitentiary.

2003: Slava Abramov, teacher from Izhevsk, Republic of  Udmurtia, was awarded Diploma of the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation for implementing the program for moral rejuvenation of youth and junior youth in the secondary schools of Izhevsk and Republic of Udmurtia. His program "Apelsin" is based on ZIPoPo.

2001: GLOBArt International award (Pernegg, Austria) for peacemaking activities in Southeastern Europe. Mr. Fattakhov conducted the «Promoting Positive Messages through the Media» - a series of seminars held in 1998-2001 with the objective of promoting stability and good neighborliness in Southeastern Europe. GLOBArt in past years has presented awards to Lord Yehudi Menuhin, Hans Kung and Fariborz Sahba.

1995: Certificate of Participation in the III Women World Congress in Beijing (China) with ZIPoPo - programme of moral education for young women.