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"Azamat Foundation"

Human Rights, Law , Substance Abuse Prevention, Russia, 2008-2015

Long-term cooperation of ACME and the Kazan Foundation for Supporting Social Initiatives “Azamat” brought several joint projects aimed at moral rejuvenation of youth, such as “Prevention of Alcohol and Drug Addiction and Tobacco Smoking”, “Human Rights Education for Youth”, “Know the Laws”. These Educational Programmes for adolescents and youth were presented in numerous schools in Kazan and other cities of  Tatarstan, and were highly appreciated by the teachers, the students and their parents. In 2011, in cooperation with the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Tatarstan, a project for youth with behavior deviations was launched, consisting of regular sessions of ACME and Azamat experts with the youth on the list of the Police Stations of Kazan, involving them into ZIPoPo discussions on various difficult life situations.

View videos (all in Russian):

On topic “Prevention of Alcohol and Drug Addiction and Tobacco Smoking”: "Let's Go Party!"   "Millions Turn Into Smoke"

On topic “Human Rights Education For Youth”: "I Have the Right!"  "Almost Homeless"

On topic “Know the Laws”: "Shiner"   "Accident"