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"Golden Choices"

Project for Youth, USA, 2005


In 2005, together with the “Neighborhood Mediation Center” (Reno, Nevada, USA), “The Golden Choices" – a project aimed at teaching conflict resolution and ethical decision-making competencies for youth - was launched. 20 videos were filmed with the participation of a creative group of amateur actors of different ethnic and racial backgrounds residing in Reno. Topics of the videos were difficult life situations typical for young people, including gender equality, race unity, alcohol and drug addiction, premarital sexual relationship, etc. Scripts for these videos were written by authors from many countries, and were adapted by the creative group itself.. The main objectives of the project were to help youth recognize the moral background of behavior and find ethically based solutions for conflict situations, as well as to understand the basis of unity and good neighborliness, and ethnic and religious tolerance. The Project was sponsored by Arden Lee and Trip Barthel, Founder and Director of the “Neighborhood Mediation Center”.

View video "Accident"