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Topic:           Drug Addiction

Message:       Drug addiction is a monster which robs one of one’s humanity.

Characters:  Kati and Max

Setting:         Living room

Kati:      Hi, Max.  Sorry, I was expecting you later…

Max:      I was impatient to see you…

Kati:      Oh, Max! (Hugs him)

Max:      Can I have something to drink?

Kati:      Sure.  Pepsi?  Sprite?  Water?

Max:      Doesn’t matter.

Kati:      I’ll bring you orange juice.

Kati leaves, Max quickly begins searching in drawers and cupboards.  When he hears Kati returning, he hastily sits back on the sofa.

Kati:      Here you are.

Max:      I’m so thirsty.

Kati:      Are you hungry?

Max:      No, I am fine.

Kati:      Look!  (Swirls around to show off her dress)  Do you like it?

Max:      Yep.

Kati:      I’ll be ready in 5 minutes, ok?

Max:      Wait.

Kati:      What?

Max:      You know what…?

Kati:      What Max?

Max:      Kati, I don’t feel like going to this party…

Kati:      Why?

Max:      I’m not feeling so good.

Kati:      Yeah, I noticed.  You’re usually so happy. What’s wrong, Max?

Max:      I need money.

Kati:      Money?

Max:      Yeah, 200 bucks.

Kati:      200 bucks?!  I don’t have it, Max.

Max:      Sure you do. In the buffet, the box on the left.

Kati:      Max, it’s not mine.  It belongs to Tanya, my roommate.

Max:      (Gruffly) Give me the money.

Kati:      What is going ON, Max?

Max:      Now!

Kati:      Max, you are making me scared.  I’ve never seen you like this.

Max:      I told you NOW!

Kati:      Max, please, don’t do this!  I am afraid!  What’s happened to you?  Are you drunk?  Are you on drugs?  Tell me, Max!

Max:      I need a fix.  Now.

Kati:      Max, you take drugs!

Max:      Shut up!

Kati:      Now I understand why you seemed so happy!

Max:      I’ll kill you.

Kati:      No!  Max!

Max begins to struggle with her.


Kati:      Now I understand why you were so happy!

Max:      I’ll kill you.

Kati:      No!  Max!

Max begins to struggle with her.  They fall down, she hits her head and is knocked unconscious.  Max hastily goes for the money, and before taking it looks at Kati.  She is motionless.

Max:      Kati!  KATI!

He approaches her, and shakes her.

Max:      Please, wake up!  Can you hear me?  Kati!  Oh, what have I done… Kati…!

He puts his head in his hands and sobs.  Then, coming to himself, in quiet resolve, he picks up a phone and dials.

Max:      She’s dead.  I just killed Kati. Churchill Road, 11.  Name is Max Luesher.  Who am I?  I am… I am her friend…and her killer…

Kati begins to stir and moan.

Max:      Kati?

Kati:      (Still drowsy) Who are you?

Max:      I am Max… the man who loves you…


O Sole Mio!

Topic:           Inter-ethnic Marriage

Message:       Give inter-ethnic marriage a chance.

Characters:  Mother, Father and Daughter

Setting:         Living room  (Props:  knitting needles, fishing equipment, suitcase, telephone)

Mother and Father are in the sitting room.  Motehr is knitting and Father is repairing some fishing equipment.  The phone rings and Mother picks it up.

Mothr:   Hello?  Yes, the plane has landed.  She’s on her way home.  Well, looks like she’s made friends with someone.  But…you know her character, she is so explosive, can never keep a friendship for more than three days.  Maybe this time it’ll work out.  I’ll call you back later.  Bye!

Fathr:    Would be great to have an Italian son-in-law.  Italians are good fishermen.

Mothr:   I want a grandchild so much!  A granddaughter or a grandson.  I want to hold him, play with him, rock him in my arms…

Fathr:    I can just see it:  There I am fishing, and throwing a spin, and suddenly I see something…what is it?  Not a fish….but a …gondola!  And who is sitting in it but our daughter, together with Guiseppe.

Mothr:   What Guiseppe?

Fathr:    Okay, maybe Giovanni…or Luchano…or Pavarotti.  (Starts singing a Neapolitan song)

Mothr:   Oh, stop your foolishness.  You know her character—three days, and it’s over.

Fathr:    You’re right, you’re right… She got it from you.

There’s the sound of a key in the lock and then a young lady with a suitcase enters.

Daught: Mom, Dad!  I’m back!

Mother hugs her and then Father hugs her singing: “O sole mio!”

Mothr:   Well, Dear, DO sit down!  Tell us everything!

Daught: What should I tell?

Fathr:    Everything!

Daught: Well, the sun was wonderful…

Fathr:    Oh... the sun!  And…?

Daught: The sand was dazzling!

Mothr:   Oh… the sand!  And what…?

Daught: The food was out of this world!  Lasagna, pizza, spaghetti!

Fathr:    Spaghetti!  And…?

Daught: The hotel was wonderful!  A five star…they change sheets every day, the bed is warmed, a chocolate bar is laid on the bed… classical music in the toilet.

Mothr & Fathr:    In the toilet!  AND…?

Daught: Okay, okay, I’ll tell you. Yes, I’ve met someone. A VERY special someone.

Mothr:   Tell us, do tell us about him!

Daught: He is such a dear!  So nice, so clever, so kind, intelligent, loving, romantic…

Fathr:    Intelligent…!

Mothr:   Romantic…!  And what is his name?

Daught: Ahmet.

Fathr:    What kind of Italian name is that?  What’s his last name?

Daught: Suleimani.

Fathr:    What?!  Albanian?  Where is he from?

Daught: He lives in Scopie.

Fathr:    What?!  You made friends with an Albanian guy from our city in Italy?

Mothr:   Are you crazy?  You go all the way to Italy, stay for 3 weeks and can’t pick up an Italian?  Got some Albanian from Macedonia!

Daught: Mom, but I love him!  For the first time in my life, I’ve met a man I love—really and truly!  I want to marry him.

Mothr:   What?!


Fathr:    (Rising, threatening)  You will NOT marry this Albanian!

Daught: (Rising to face him)  Father, I WILL marry him!

Fathr:    Get out of my house!



Fathr:    (Rising, threatening)  You will NOT marry this Albanian!

Daught: (Rising to face him)  Father, I WILL marry him!

Fathr:    Get out of my house!

Daught: (Takes his raised hand and pulls it down)  Oh Daddy, I love him.

Fathr:    (Touched, relenting a little, but still sulky)  You love HIM, but you don’t love your parents.  (He pulls his hand away)

Mothr:   What are we doing here?  It’s not right.  We should talk!

Daught: Mom, Dad!  For three weeks we were like one soul, like one heart.  Please, give him a chance.  At least meet him, get to know him.

Motehr comes and puts her arms around her and all are standing with their heads down in silence.

Mothr:   (To Father)  Come, Dear…what do you say?

Long pause as Father still looks down.  Then he raises his head, and asks with a rueful smile:

Fathr:    Does he like fishing?