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Founder and Director, Author of the ZIPoPo program

2009: International Non-Profit Foundation "Paravitta" Award for Innovative Projects on Social Development and Moral Education of Youth (Kazan, Russia).
2008: Association for Conflict Resolution (ACR) International Development Committee 2008 Outstanding Leadership Award (Austin, USA), presented by former Indiana Congressman Lee Hamilton.
2001: GLOBArt International award (Pernegg, Austria) for peacemaking activities in Southeastern Europe. Mr. Fattakhov conducted the «Promoting Positive Messages through the Media» - a series of seminars held in 1998-2001 with the objective of promoting stability and good neighborliness in Southeastern Europe. GLOBArt in past years has presented awards to Lord Yehudi Menuhin, Hans Kung and Fariborz Sahba.
Director of the Association for Creative Moral Education (ACME), Kazan, Russia
Member of the Journalists Union, Republic of Tatarstan (Russia)
2007: Education for Peace Seminar, Vancouver, Canada.
2004: 40 hour Conflict Resolution training in Orlando, USA
1999: “Conflict Free Conflict Resolution” course by Dr. H. Danesh in the Landegg Academy (Switzerland).
1985-1990: Academy for Cinematography, Television and Theatre in Saint-Petersburg, Russia. Master's Degree in Theatre and Film Producing.
1977-1980: Postgraduate Master's Degree in Ecology, Kazan State University, Russia.
1972-1977: Master's Degree in Biology and Ecology, Kazan State University, Russia.
Founder and Director of the ACME (Association for Creative Moral Education, since 1998).
1994 – to present time: Coordinator and Master of the Training Workshops for the ZIPoPo (Happy Hippo) Show Hosts. More than 100 training seminars were conducted, over 2500 trainees were prepared to organize and host the Show in 66 countries in Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia and Americas. Moral educational program ZIPoPo was presented in Albania, Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belarus, Bolivia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Brazil, Bulgaria, Cambodia, Canada, China, Colombia, Costa Rica, Croatia, Ecuador, Egypt, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Honduras, Hungary, Iceland, India, Indonesia, Italy, Israel, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Kosovo, Kuwait, Latvia, Lebanon, Lithuania, Macedonia, Malaysia, Moldova, Mongolia, Netherlands, Nicaragua, Norway, Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Puerto Rico, Qatar, Romania, Russia, Salvador, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Slovenia, Sweden, Sudan, Tajikistan, Taiwan, Tanzania, Thailand, Turkey, UAE, Ukraine, USA, Uzbekistan, Yemen.
2012: Trainer for the UNICEF “YouthLead” Interactive Theater project in South Darfur, West Darfur and Kassala (North Sudan), with 105 trainees.
2008: Over 1000 teachers, psychologists and social workers were trained to host the Golden Way program in the Republic of Tatarstan, Russia, Author, Trainer.
2007: ZIPoPo facilitators from 9 countries came together in the Czech Republic to consult on the varieties of programs and the efficacy of the methodology.
2005: “People’s Theater” Show based on the ZIPoPo, about 30 presentations were conducted in secondary schools, gymnasiums and youth clubs of Westerland, Germany, Author, Trainer.
2004: Conflict Resolution Training in Kosovo under the jurisdiction of the UN agencies.
2003: “Apelsin” moral education project for teachers and social workers in Udmurt Republic (Russia) sponsored by the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation, Author, Trainer.
2002: Conflict Resolution Training in Kosovo under the jurisdiction of the UN agencies for the participants from Albanian, Serb, Macedonian and Roma backgrounds.
2001: “Elimination of the Negative Ethnic Stereotypes in the Mass-Media” conference organized by the Council of Europe and Russian Institute of Press, Key-note speaker.
2000: EXPO-2000 in Hanover, Germany, “Stop&Act Show” based on the ZIPoPo was presented as a moral educational program, Author.
2000: Stop&Act Show based on the ZIPoPo, more than 30 presentations were conducted in secondary schools, gymnasiums and youth clubs of Erfurt, Germany, Author.
1999: “Creating Culture of Peace” Study Session of the European Youth Council in Strasbourg, France, Trainer.
1998–2001: “Promoting Positive Messages through the Media” project seminars of the “Royaumont Process” initiative of the European Community in the countries of the South-Eastern Europe for more than 750 professionals from 10 countries, Trainer.
1995: World Women's Congress in Beijing, China, ZIPoPo presentation, Author, Presenter.
2003-2015: Lecturer in the Kazan Federal University, Chair of Journalism.
1994-1999: Creator and Host of the Television series "ZIPoPo" (Academy of Positive Behavior, or The Happy Hippo Show) - a moral educational program directed to an audience of all ages, which was broadcasted from 1994 to 1999 in the Republic of Tatarstan, Russia for a potential audience of 4 million people, and in the cities of Izhevsk, Khabarovsk, Orenburg, Tomsk, Ulan-Ude (Russia), Brest, Gomel and Vitebsk (Belarus).
1985-1995: Head of the Youth Department, State Television Studio, Republic of Tatarstan, Russia; Supervisor for the Youth TV Programs Department activities; TV journalist; Author of over 600 TV programs broadcasted on local channels and all over the USSR and later Russia as well; Scriptwriter; Host of various TV programs for youth: "Teleseanse" (cultural-educational-entertainment program), "C'est la Video!" (educational game); ZIPoPo (Happy Hippo Show) (moral education of youth). ZIPoPo Show (1994-1999) was one of the most popular Television Shows in the Republic of Tatarstan.
1983-1985: Radio journalist; State Radio Station, Republic of Tatarstan, Russia; Supervisor for the Youth Radio programs Department activities; Author of more than 300 radio programs broadcasted on local channels and all over the USSR and later Russia as well; Scriptwriter; Host of various radio talk shows.
1980-1983: Scientist, Department of Ecology, Kazan State University. Kazan, Russia. Lecturer on various subjects in Ecology and Biology; Researcher of the ecological conditions in the city of Kazan.
Since 1972 - numerous articles in the local and central newspapers, materials on local and central radio and television on different subjects.
2014: “Svetlogorsk Story” feature film, script writer, director.
2005: Participation in the “Golden Minbar” International Film Festival (Tatarstan, Russia)
2005: Feature film “The Twelfth Dragon”, Script Writer, Director.
2002: Documentary film “Yakupov Family”, Script Writer, Director.
1995: Feature film “The Holy Mother of Divnograd” (Canada-Russia), Director.
1993: Feature film “The General’s Daughter” (Canada-Russia), Director.
1989: Documentary film "Travel Through Thousand Years", Executive Director.
1985: Documentary film “The Death Valley”, Script Writer, Director.