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Since 1998, ACME has organized and/or participated in numerous projects and programs aimed at moral rejuvenation of children, junior youth and youth in Tatarstan, Russia and throughout the world                                  click on heading or picture for more details

"Junior Youth Empowerment"

Program for Junior Youth, Moscow, 2016-2021

Ecological Education

Ecological Education for the Youth of Tatarstan, 2017

I Can Talk!

Adaptation of Children with Disabilities Using Media, 2017

Power of Unity

Strengthening Interethnic Relations Through Media

Junior Youth Program is aimed at promoting development of neighborhood community in which local people collaborate and take responsibility for their own material and spiritual prosperity.

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Project is realized in collaboration with the Azamat Foundation and is aimed at helping young people to develop ecological thinking, respectful attitude to the environment and caring attitude to the nature.

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Project "I Can Talk!" (Adaptation of Children with Disabilities Using Media) is aimed at helping children with speech disorders to improve their verbal and communication skills to be better adapted to life.

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Project "Power of Unity" is aimed at strengthening interethnic relationship through the media among the students of secondary schools in the Republic of Tatarstan

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"I am No Handicapped!"

Adaptation of Youth with Speech Disorders, 2015

"Youth Against Corruption"

Corruption Prevention for  Youth, 2015-2018

"Svetlogorsk Story"

Social Service for Junior Youth,    2014

"Theatre Forum in Sudan"

Moral Rejuvenation for Youth of Sudan, 2012

25 students of the Kazan Boarding School #7 for children with speech disorders were trained in the basics of film production.

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Project aims to help the youth to build strong civic standpoint and mindset against corruption, through acquaintance with the notion of corruption, its essence, causes and consequences, including punishment for corruption.

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Film in 12 series about a group of junior youth building a playground for children. Main roles were played by the students of the Kazan Boarding School #7 for children with speech disorders.

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ZIPoPo was introduced to 105 Sudanese teachers and actors in this project sponsored by UNICEF. Over 500 performances were attended by almost 33,000 adolescents and youth in South Darfur, West Darfur and Kassala.

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"Azamat Foundation"

Human Rights, Law , Substance Abuse Prevention, 2008-2016

"Golden Way"

Program for Teachers, 2008-2016

"Altyn Iul"

Ethical Decision-Making for School Students, 2006-2016

"Golden Choices"

Project for Youth, USA, 2005

In 2008-2016 joint projects with Azamat Foundation were realized: Prevention of Alcohol, Drug Addiction and Tobacco Smoking, Human Rights and Law Education, Climate Change.

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Since 2008, trainings to provide thousands of teachers, psychologists, social workers, pedagogy students and parents with the methodology for the Golden Way lessons were given in numerous cities of Russia.

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Thousands of school students in Tatarstan participated in “Altyn Iul” (Golden Way) lessons since 2006, learning to make ethical decisions in difficult life situations. Lessons help them acquire social competencies and become better students and citizens.

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20 videos were filmed with amateur actors presenting gender equality, race unity, alcohol and drug addiction, premarital sexual relationship, etc. Project was sponsored by Trip Barthel, Founder and Director of the “Neighborhood Mediation Center” and Arden Lee (Reno, Nevada, USA).

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"ZIPoPo in Kosovo"

Peace-making 2002-2004


Moral Educational in the Republic of Udmurt, 2003-2005

"ZIPoPo in Prison"

Lessons for Imprisoned Youth, 2001-2015

"People's Theatre"

Theatre Project in Germany, 1999-2016





Over 60 youth of Albanian, Serb, Bosnian, Roma and Turkish background from all over Kosovo trained in ZIPoPo ethical-based peace-making, seminar bringing the youth together in a spirit of unity, friendship and cooperation. For more details

Project "Apelsin" (Orange) was sponsored by the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation. 50 teachers from Izhevsk and Udmurt Republic were trained, 25 videos were filmed, a Manua and a DVD were created.

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State Department for Punishments of Tatarstan for more that ten years used ZIPoPo as an effective educational tool in Kazan Youth Penitentiary. ZIPoPo lessons helped youth start thinking about the consequences of their behavior.

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"People's Theater" promotes moral education for children and youth in Germany and has received many awards, including award of Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder in 2004 and Chancellor Angela Merkel in 2006.

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"Royaumont Process"

European Community project in South-Eastern Europe, 1998-2001

"Happy Hippo Show"

Project in South-Eastern Asia: China, Malaysia, Singapore, 1995-2016

"Educational ZIPoPo"

Lessons in Schools, Kindergartens, Orphanages, 1994-2016

"ZIPoPo in Mass Media"

ZIPoPo TV and Radio Talk-Shows and Newspaper Columns in Russia, Belarus, Tajikistan, Croatia, Bulgaria




Over 200 educators, theater producers and journalists were trained to stabilize social and cultural life of the Balkan countries: Albania, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia, Hungary, Romania and Slovenia. For more details

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The “Happy Hippo Show” (English version of ZIPoPo) was launched in 1995 after the presentation at the World Women's Congress in Beijing (China). Since then, the ZIPoPo programme has received wide international recognition in China, India, Malaysia, Singapore.

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Programs were held in kindergartens, schools and universities in Russia and CIS countries. Programs aimed at assisting children in difficult life situations, helping them to adapt to future life and to acquire useful social skills were held in  orphanages in Korsakov, Moscow, Kazan and other cities of Russian Federation. More details

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ZIPoPo was first launched in 1994 as a Weekly Television Talk-Show for youth at the National TV Studio of the Republic of Tatarstan, province of Russia. It became the most popular TV programme for youth in 1994-1999 and was aired for a potential audience of 4 mln people. For more details

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