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ACME Partners


Trip Barthel (USA)

Trip Barthel, a well-known international author and global speaker, an international expert on mediation and conflict resolution, offers his expertise to institutions and individuals around the world. Trip has lived, taught and practiced mediation in Shanghai for 8 years.  He has also taught in Manila, Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok, Hong Kong, Pune (India), Kazan (Russia), London, Townshend School (Czech Republic), the US and Canada. His wife Cindy Savage is a well-known author of books and educational programmes for children.


Panchgani Baha'i Academy (India)

Panchgani Baha'i Academy has been recognized by one of the Indian "A" Grade universities - Shivaji University - as its Research Centre for Value Education. Academy has been working with that university for a number of years. Happy Hippo Show based on ZIPoPo is an integral part of the Academy Programme of Universal Human Values.


People's Theatre (Germany)

Interactive theatre for youth, "People's Theatre" is based in Germany and is very successful in the field of education of children, junior youth and youth in the spirit of peacemaking and in developing human values. People's Theatre was awarded by Chancellor Gerhard Schroder in 2004 and by Chancellor Angela Merkel in 2006 among the best innovative youth programs in Germany.


"Azamat" foundation for supporting cultural and social-economic projects (Republic of Tatarstan, Russia)

Projects of the "Azamat" foundation are aimed at spiritual and moral education of children, junior youth and youth, as well as on the development of ecological thinking, prevention of alcoholism, drug addiction and tobacco smoking in secondary schools, correctional facilities and other educational institutions of Kazan and the Republic of Tatarstan.


International non-profit foundation "Paravitta" 

(Republic of Tatarstan, Russia)


International non-profit foundation "Paravitta" was founded in 2004 to support arts, culture and sports, to spread highest spiritual ideas of morality and healthy lifestyle for youth and society in general.


International Academy of Education

(Republic of Tatarstan, Russia)

International Academy of Education is a non-governmental educational institution based in Kazan, Republic of Tatarstan. Its main priority is a holistic approach to education of young generation, teaching children and youth in the spirit of responsibility for their behavior and respect for human values, as well as promoting awareness of youth regarding their high mission in life.


CLIA (Singapore) and its founder and head Ludovic Odier

CLIA (Creative Leadership in Asia) purpose is Leadership learning and Culture development for creating long-lasting prosperity.



Theatre "Environment of Habitat" and its founder and stage director Alexander Klimenko (Ukraine)

Theatre “Environment of Habitat” in its dynamic, interactive performances addresses the most crucial issues of the life of young generation and helps the audience/the participants to make an important choice, the long-lasting impact of which will be reflected in their lives.


"Innovative Center of Development" and its founder and director Alexander Chorny (Republic of Bashkortostan, Russia)

"Innovation Development Centre" on the basis of theory and technology of creative development of an individual has developed a universal multimedia educational and technological program, with the aim to effectively meet the challenges of innovative development of all levels of education, based on the theoretical, methodological and technological unity and continuity.

Interactive Creative Center "Total Freedom"

"Total Freedom" Interactive Center specializes in the development of innovational methods of video filming, provides services on scriptwriting, video filming, editing, sound mastering, copying of video films, as well as provides information on the database of actors, directors, producers, etc.