Association for Creative Moral Education


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Publications on ZIPoPo

Newspaper and magazine articles, books

Ann Boyles, One Country magazine (English)

ZIPoPo or The Happy Hippo Show
David Khorram, Opinion (English), 2008 Social issues, moral choices and People's Theatre
Neissan Besharati, research work  (English), 2004 The ZIPoPo Show. Community Theater for Moral Education
Dominik Schreiner, research work, Drezden University (German), 2003 Gewaltpravention an Schulen. Dargestellt am "People's Theater"

Stefanos Evripidou, Cyprus Mail (English). December 20, 2002

Building bridges through role playing

Brad Pokorny, One Country magazine (English), October 1998

In southeastern Europe, an innovative approach to public dialogue
Asiya Bakirova, Another Side (Russian), №3, 2012 "Two Wings" call for action! (Russian)
Alfiya Ganeyeva, Youth of Tatarstan (Russian), November 2009

We brought peace to Serbs and Albanians (Russian)

Svetlana Kubasova, Our Newspaper (Russian), November 2006

Learning to think positively (Russian)

Ildus Ziapparov, Human Rights Newsbulletin (Russian), March 2003

ZIPoPo in the Youth Penitentiary (Russian)


Books on ZIPoPo methodology