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"Royaumont Process"

European Community project in South-Eastern Europe, 1998-2001


In 1998-2001, European Community project "The Royaumont Process" was launched, aimed at stabilizing social and cultural life of the Balkan countries, strengthening foundations of good neighborliness, developing inter-ethnic relations and improving mutual understanding of their peoples. Sponsored by the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg and organized by the BIC (Baha'i International Community), this project was successfully held in 8 countries of Southern-Eastern Europe, including Albania, Bulgaria, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia, Hungary, Macedonia, Romania and Slovenia for over 200 educators, theater producers and journalists. As a continuation of the project, many socially oriented local projects were launched in these countries by the trainees. For example, in 2000 a national wide Tour of the Happy Hippo Show was held in 24 cities of Macedonia. A ZIPoPo TV program was started that same year in Rousse, Bulgaria. In Zagreb, Croatia, a radio Talk-Show based on ZIPoPo methodology was started and a ZIPoPo Social Center for Alcohol Addicts was opened. In Romania, ZIPoPo was taken to many schools and Youth Centers.

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