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"Svetlogorsk Story"

Social Service for Junior Youth, 2014

This project was designed to develop and strengthen the interest of adolescents and youth in the concept of social service, the idea of volunteering, as well as promoting a healthy life style and family values, and to prevent future criminal behavior. Participation of youth in the social service projects assists in the development of such important qualities as leadership, team spirit, respect for others, self-confidence. The core of the project is a film consisting of 12 scenarios, which tells the story of eight youth and junior youth who live in the same apartment building in a small town of Svetlogorsk in Siberia. One day they decide to build a playground for children as a Social Service project. While working on the project, they face and eventually overcome various challenges like Leadership Conflict, Relationship with Parents, Gender Conflict, etc. As they work together and solve the problems, they become united and learn to take responsibility for their own spiritual, social and intellectual development. Main roles in the film were played by amateur actors – the students of the Kazan Boarding School #7 for children with speech disorders. View first film of the series (in Russian)